Middle School Teacher in Rural Alaska

The Dark Frigate

on January 29, 2012

“Ok, if I read 10 pages then I can go run on the treadmill,” I said to myself.

Normally, it’s the other way around: reading is the thing I look forward to and running is the the thing I must force myself to do. But while reading the Dark Frigate, I looked for any escape from reading.

“What’s that honey, you want me to do the dishes? Sure! No problem!”

Reading The Dark Frigate was an incredibly frustrating experience for me. I found the dialect and dialogue hard to follow. I didn’t ever make a connection with the main character. I found the plot tedious and slow. To get through this book I had to break it into small chunks and reward myself at the end of each section.

It was an interesting process for me as a reader to be faced with this book that I dreaded reading. Usually reading is my escape from the worries of life and is something that makes me incredibly happy. In contrast, during the few days I was reading The Dark Frigate I found myself to be a bit cranky!

Luckily, a copy of Graceling arrived in my mailbox when I was about a third of the way through The Dark Frigate. I made a deal with myself, “Get through The Dark Frigate and then I can read Graceling and Fire before attempting the next Newbery book or any other required readings for my grad. school course.” That deal provided a good incentive to hurry up and finish the book. Happily, I finished The Dark Frigate and my mood was quickly lifted by reading Fire and Graceling.


One response to “The Dark Frigate

  1. This challenge is definitely teaching me something about how hard some kids have to work to get through an assigned book. I haven’t had to concentrate this hard on a narrative text in a very long time!

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