Middle School Teacher in Rural Alaska

ASTE 2012: What I Will Use Thursday

on February 29, 2012

For the past four days I have been inundated with new ways to use technology in my classroom at the Alaska Society of Technology Educators Conference in Anchorage. I have been inspired by the presentations I have seen and have some long range plans for my classroom. But at the moment I want to share the top things I learned that I will be using on Thursday when I return to my classroom.

  1. Google Search by Reading Level When you are doing a google search you can filter by grade level! All you have to do is go to the Advanced Search section of the page (usually the gear in the top right corner) and then select the reading level you want. This will be huge for the elementary students that I each
  2. Google Search by Usage Rights On google advanced search you can also search by usage rights. So now when students need to download an image I can simply direct them to select “free to use or modify” in the Google Advanced Search and we can be in compliance with copyright laws.
  3. Free Online Comics Makers Students can make their own online comics! is a fun, easy to use website. I will be having kids make comics about topics we are studying in Social Studies, classroom rules, etc.
  4. Easy Animated Videos  This is a super easy to use and fun website for creating quick animated videos. You select a setting, characters, and then type dialogue in and it will animate the video for you.
  5. GIS in the Classroom. ArcGIS now has incredibly easy to use tools to make and display maps. ArcGIS MapViewer is the most basic level, but ArcGIS Explorer Online is a great way to analyze geographic data and then present it.

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