Middle School Teacher in Rural Alaska

Increasing Participation

on March 21, 2012

So, I must admit that I’m becoming a bit obsessed with the Teaching Channel. Because I am the only 6th/7th grade teacher at my school I don’t often get to meet and talk with grade level peers. I get fantastic ideas from my colleagues, but I still am always looking for more ideas. The Teaching Channel has given me a wonderful window into the classrooms of colleagues across the country. I stumbled on this one today, that I love, about increasing participation. I have wanted to start implemented the “Cold Call” technique from Teach Like A Champion, but hadn’t quite figured out a way to do it. I do keep a can that has notecards with student names on them that I use for calling on students, but I think I like this method better- it will feel more random to students.  The idea is simple: tape playing cards on students’ desks. Then the teacher pulls out a playing card from his or her desk to call on students.


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